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Q: you seem like a really cool person to be around with! applying to penn ed and hopefully we'll meet some day :)

hey why are you on anon!! talk to me if you’re applying to penn! x

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Q: Ya experimental psych is way harder than what it sounds like lol.. Ru doing research literal research with Spss programs

i haven’t started mine yet but yes, we are requires to fulfill a certain amount of research hours (we’re not obligated to conduct our own experiments or anything) - it’s an intro to psych so it’s just basically a shitload of reading about both the actual science behind concepts such as memory, learning and behavior, and the psychological factors that go into them! it’s waaaaaay harder and demanding than I expected but it’s very interesting

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Q: losing not loosing

yea sorry i was not in the state to spellcheck 10 hours in the library gets to you

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yay saturday
Q: you look annoyed in all of your pictures lately. everything ok?

everything is wonderfulllllll

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Q: CONGRATS BABE that's amazing! i'm so proud of you xx

thank you so much, that’s very kind of you! x

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Q: omg what uni did you end up attending? i remember when you were deciding haha

i’m at penn 😊😊

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Q: What studies/major are you doing at penn?

i’m majoring in fine arts but i have to take a bunch of random classes

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Q: what are you studying at uni?

fine arts

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